Position Profiling

Position Profiling

Are you in an endless cycle of recruiting and retraining?
With the right Recruitment tools everyone can select the right person.

 The Position Profiling program has been tried and tested over 15 Years.

 Once completed the document can be given to your HR team with the confidence you know exactly who you want.

 If you want to find the right employees, download a Position Profile example now.

Profiling Options Table

Profiling can be used for finding the right person for a position and for succession planning.

Profiling Option 1 Profiling Option 2 Profiling Option 3
Online Profiling discussion for one hour.
Creation of a Position Profile.
Creation of Selection Criteria that 100% aligns to the Position Profile.
Creation of Selection Criteria vetting tool that 100% aligns to the Position Profile.
Creation of an advertisement that 100% aligns to the Position Profile.

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