Hosh Case Study

Why do many businesses fail to generate an ROI from their employees?

“Financial crises are unfortunate but an unavoidable consequence when you pick the wrong people.”

There are 11 reasons why companies pick the wrong person, find out here.

You can prevent this from happening to you and your business if you utilize a Scientifically Proven Selection Process!

“Hiring the best is your most important task”

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"If we get the right people in the job, we've already won."

For ten long years, HOSCH International only generates an average of 2.4 million gross sales. In 2012, they decided to hire three Account Managers, following our method, and their sales skyrocket to an average of 10.8 million in the next three years.

By carefully undertaking the Four Steps of Selection Process, HOSH International was able to generate 14:1 Return on Employee investment.