Profitable Personnel

Profitable Personnel

Profitable Personnel provides a step-by-step process, that increases the return on investment from all your employees, whilst reducing your managerial stress at the same time.

Profitable Personnel also ensures businesses have a supply of talented employees to chose from, and follows a methodical, diligent, tried, and tested selection process to ensure only the right person is selected for the role.

The problems we solve

1. Low Employee Productivity and High Business Owner Stress

2. Selecting the Right Person for the Role.

How Do We Do This Work


Personal Development Plan

This will help you identify your 6 Pillars of Well-being. This is not only to help you win an interview and to crystallize your career but to ensure that every aspect of your life is well-balanced. You can also learn how to control your anxiety and became more focus.


Managerial Assistance

This allows the Business Owner to gather Data to make informed an accurate and better decision. Allows them to measure if the team member is honouring the values.


Selection Assistance Candidate Vetting

We market the vacancy and contact your data base of potential employees. We vet the applicant’s selection criteria, resume, position suitability and cultural suitability, ensuring they are extremely well qualified to meet with you for a face-to-face interview.

How Do We Do This Work

      We worked with private family-owned business that value a positive workplace culture.  

What we do

We clarify exactly who would be right for vacant position.
Additionally, we ensure the business owners stress is substantially reduced.

How does our work impact our clients?

Companies we've worked with

Let us help your business stabilise and grow!

Thank you for your interest. You can send us any questions might have.