How To Unlock the ROI Potential of Your Employees. And elevate their engagement levels.

How To Unlock the ROI Potential of Your Employees. And elevate their engagement levels.

Engagement is critical to increase your employee’s ROI.

71% of Employees are disengaged.

In 2019 the Gallup State of Global Workplace report identified that in Australia and New Zealand, 14% of employees were engaged, 71% were disengaged and 15% were actively disengaged. (1)

An extensive meta-analysis conducted by Gallup, identified that businesses who scored highest in employee engagement, were 22% more profitable than similar businesses with a lower engagement rate. (2)

Indeed, one of Australia’s largest employment websites, suggests that the first step to increasing employee engagement is to measure engagement and leadership communication. (3)

Quality communication is critical to engagement and in turn to ROI

59% of Employees do not feel recognised for their contributions.

Lonergan Research in 2021 identified that 59% of employees do not feel recognised for their contributions (4)

Recognising someone’s contribution should be obvious to do, after all, every Saturday afternoon goal scorers in numerous sports are celebrated.

In many sports the person who assisted the goal scorer is also recognised.

The whole team recognises the scorer’s contribution, and the coach can often be seen congratulating the players and providing encouragement and guidance.

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace”
Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup

The immediate Manager is the most influential communicator

Research also shows that the immediate manager has the most profound influence on an employee’s level of engagement. (5)

Therefore, every leader, manager, or supervisor needs to become a great coach. The shortest path to increasing your team’s ROI is to hire managers, supervisors and team leaders who are great coaches and have a track record of assisting their teams to achieve.

This is exactly how Profitable Personnel assists companies increase the ROI from their employees, we recruit managers supervisors and team leaders who are great coaches, and measure the ROI they provide.

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