We believe all employees should provide business owners with a return on investment in a stress-free manner.

  • Marketers should provide a 15:1 Return on Investment.
  • Salespeople should provide a 10:1 Return on Investment.
  • All other personnel should provide a 4:1 Return on Investment.

Our selection philosophy is based upon the Achievement Performance Theory, which states that someone’s previous achievements will be a good predictor of future performance.


Our aim is to ensure privately owned family businesses are thriving and grow through Sustainable Management. Sustainable Management principles are:

  • Goal Clarity.
  • Transparent measures of Personal Performance.
  • Behaviours fully aligned to the Company’s values.
  • 30-day performance feedback sessions.
  • Select team members who have a track record of achievement and values-based behaviour.


The company is committed to identifying candidates who will provide a Return on Investment and behaviour in alignment with the company’s values. For 15 years Profitable Personnel has undertaken work in Australia, USA, South America, and Canada.

Profitable Personnel has selected candidates who have consistently achieved in their respective roles which has allowed companies to grow in a sustainable fashion.

Profitable Personnel is committed to excellence in the field of selection.