Profitable Personnel - Selection Assistance

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Profitable Personnel an Australian Management Consultancy that has been trading since 2006, is seeking a Selection Assistant who is experienced in searching and attracting candidates for roles in Australia.

BUSINESS LOCATION: AUSTRALIA, Work from home in the Philippines.  


  • A stable and growing business.
  • A positive workplace culture.
  • A business that values their employees.
  • A business which will recognises and rewards good work.
  • A business that pays above the industrial award.
  • A business that will develop a personal development plan with you.
  • A company with strong morals and values.


  • To ensure the required number profiles are located and contacted each day.
  • To ensure the incoming resumes and selection criteria are vetted against the required profile.
  • To ensure the required number of online interviews are organised within the required timeframe.
  • To ensure the weekly client reports are delivered accurately and on time.
  • To ensure the weekly client reports are followed up to ensure the client is 100% satisfied with our work.
  • To ensure the team are sent a report on the status of campaigns twice a day.
  • To ensure each month one idea is presented to the team that can improved the ease at which they find candidates.
  • To ensure each month campaigns are debriefed, and pre-emptive action is undertaken to achieve the goals.


  • Has previously undertaken and excelled in the activities above.
  • Is committed to a work from home and a career undertaking this work.
  • Has references to validate their achievements and attitude, who were previous senior managers or employers.
  • A learner, someone who is committed to personal development.
  • Has a stable internet connection.
  • Has a stable track record of employment.

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