Performance Management

Performance Management

This ebook will teach you  step by step process to help business owners harness the full potential of their team.

High achievement always takes place in the framework of high expectation. – Charles F. Kettering


Gallop research of 27 million employees in 195 countries revealed only 50% of employees clearly know what is expected of them when they go to work every day (1)

The same research revealed 59% of employees believe their position description does not align well with the work they do (2)

In 2010, Matt Killingsworth and Dan Gilbert identified that almost 50 percent of the time, employees are not focused on the required task. (3)

The result of Performance Management is employees become very clear what is expected of them each day. Their position descriptions 100% align with the work they do, and the employee increases the time focused on their tasks.

This in turn increases the employee’s productivity, safety, and job satisfaction. The outcome, is that the business becomes far more profitable.


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