About Us

About Us

The company

Profitable Personnel provides a step-by-step process, that increases the return on investment from all your employees, whilst reducing your managerial stress at the same time.

Profitable Personnel also ensures businesses have a supply of talented employees to chose from, and follows a methodical, diligent, tried, and tested selection process to ensure only the right person is selected for the role. 

Our Value Proposition

  • We provide a 10:1 ROI on all coaching programmes and recruitment campaigns
  • We give a 12-month guarantee.

Our A - Type Client

  • Privately-owned ethical growing businesses which genuinely value people and profits.

Our Causes

  • Animal Australia
  • Assistance Dogs Australia
  • Education for rural children in Vietnam

Our Philosophy

We believe all employees should provide business owners a return on investment in a stress-free manner.

  • Marketers should provide a 15:1 Return on Investment.
  • Salespeople should provide a 10:1 Return on Investment.
  • All other personnel should provide a 4:1 Return on Investment.

Our selection philosophy is based upon the Achievement Performance Theory, which states that someone’s previous achievements will be a good predictor of future performance.

Our Aim

 Our aim is to ensure that privately owned family businesses thrive and grow through   Sustainable Management:

  • Goal Clarity.
  • Transparent measures of Personal Performance.
  • Behaviours fully aligned to the Company’s values.
  • 30-day performance feedback sessions.
  • Select team members who have a track record of achievement and values-based behaviour.

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